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We try to keep the final edited product as natural and true to the day as possible so we don’t add any extra music to the ceremony, the speeches or the evening’s dancing.

There are parts of the day that will require music added, such as the arrival of the guests and bridal party, photoshoots, reception and for the short Highlights (if this option is chosen). We try to blend in as much of the background sound as possible for these parts as long as it adds to the sequence of video and doesn’t distract. Distracting sounds include high levels of general crowd noise where there is very little intelligible conversation and just sounds like a wall of noise, excessive swearing (!), tractors and cars passing, excessive wind noise, etc.


Yes. At the time of writing I have 3 Sony High Definition cameras that do most of the work. I also have a Nikon DSLR that produces high quality video if needed and a small GoPro. I always carry spare batteries and SD cards to record the video onto. I carry spare microphones and audio recorders too.

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No, I won’t. This is maybe the number one fear that brides and grooms have. Unfortunately, it’s one that puts a lot of people off having their wedding recorded. My aim is to be as discreet as possible and only move in closer when really necessary, but even then it’ll be at a safe distance. During the ceremony I try to position the camera offside as much as possible so that it is not intrusive to the proceedings.

I’m pleased to say that I have a lot of positive comments from couples that said they felt very relaxed on the day. For example:

“Myself & Allan had the pleasure of working with Jeremy for our wedding in July. Jeremy was absolutely fantastic!! He made ourselves and our guests feel very comfortable and at no point did I feel like the camera was there!! He captured many special moments that we will always treasure. So professional and adapted brilliantly with the surprise of the horse and carriage (also a surprise for myself) when he had been expecting me to be arriving in a wedding car!! Sorry about that Jeremy!! Would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone,what a fantastic job he did! Many thanks.”

Paula & Allan, Warrenpoint


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Actually it doesn’t cost that much just to film your wedding. Filming it is only part of it. In past decades it was more a case of film the day on a very large tape cassette and more or less handing it off to the bride and groom. Nowadays it’s all digital and needs to be processed.

Here’s what our prices cover:

  • Filming time
  • Time for Editing of film footage
  • DVD Design and Construction
  • Printing and DVD Production Costs
  • Cost of DVD materials – discs, covers, cases. (3 DVDs or Blu Rays in total)
  • Travel costs (up to a 50 mile radius from our offices)
  • Postage costs if necessary

On average I spend between 30 to 50 hours editing and producing each wedding video, looking through the footage to find the best shots, trim and refine them, order them to create and tell a story accompanied by music if necessary and create a Timeline to structure the flow of the footage. Then I have to create DVD Master Discs, test each one, make corrections if necessary, re-edit accordingly, re-Master a disc, test again. If the disc is good to go then I need to design the disc covers and for printing onto the disc itself and print 3 copies of these.

So, as you can see, there’s a whole lot more involved than just filming the day!

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Currently we can take payments by:

  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cheque
  • Credit/Debit Cards – in person by Chip and Pin reader and over the phone.
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