Terms and Conditions

The following relates mostly to wedding videos but also relates to other video services as well. Please contact us if you need anything clarified.


It is your responsibility to obtain any permissions and licences that may be necessary for any location or venue to be used for the wedding video. We are obliged to respect the wishes and regulations of anyone officiating at a wedding ceremony. For example, this may affect where we are permitted to position cameras. In such circumstances we will endeavour to work with them to get the best possible coverage of your day. It is your responsibility to make them aware that video cameras will be filming on the day, so please inform whoever is officiating at your ceremony.


Please supply a list of music that you would like to be included on the final disc. All editing and post production will be carried out to my discretion and using my own editing style. I aim to be able to make the finished wedding video available to you within 3 to 4 months of the wedding date. This is a courtesy target and does not constitute a guarantee as other factors, such as holidays and workloads, may contribute to slightly longer editing times.

Faults and Errors

In the event of complete equipment failure or other circumstances beyond our control which mean that we will not be able to film your wedding video or other live event you will receive a full refund. We will not be liable for further damages though.

Discs will be replaced free of charge if we are informed of any fault within 7 days of having received it. After this, they will be charged at £5 per disc.

Promotional Material

We reserve the right to display parts of your video on our website and other media formats but will not sell this or make this available to third parties. If you are unhappy with this you must specifically inform us and we will respect your wishes.