Funny how life changes. Once there was a time when I sent out quotes, invoices and receipts by post. Then I bought a fax machine (Anyone remember those??). I even had face to face meetings. And then email came along, albeit rather slow and costing 1p per minute, but at least it meant more immediate communication. Then came Broadband and finally sending an invoice as an attachment became a reality.

Now what do we have? Well, now I can even get business by text! Then there’s Facebook and a whole raft of social networks that can bring in business. In fact, these days I often get business without even meeting the person(s) before I go to their event. People will phone, text, message or email me saying that they have seen the sample videos on my web site, read the good reviews and recommendations and are satisfied. It seems that people have access to so much information about you that they can make an effective informed decision about your suitability without evening talking to you. They can even see photos of who you are and what you eat for breakfast too!

Funny how life changes so much.