Please see the Wedding Filming page for detailed information on our range of wedding packages.

You can choose from a range of options for filming on the day, for extras in the editing stage of the recorded footage from the day and for presentation of the final edited video.

1) Filming Options:

  • Preparations at Bride’s House +£50
  • Guest Messages (at Reception) +£50
  • Photo Montage of early years photos/videos of bride and groom. This is an ideal add-on that can be done before the wedding day so that it can be shown during the reception for your friends to see. +£50

2) Editing Options:

  • Mini Movie – Short 15-20 minute summary of the day on DVD/BD +£125

3) Presentation Options:

  • White Presentation Case     +£7 per case
  • Luxury Presentation Case + £15 per case

4) Disc Options:

  • Combination of DVDs and Blu Ray Discs (ie. 1 DVD and 2 BDs or 2 DVDs and 1 BD) – £40 charge to cover extra processing time
  • Additional copies of DVD – £10 each
  • Additional copies of Blu Ray – £15 each

(The Mini Movie may be used for promotional purposes by us on this web site and other selected sites and on a promo DVD/BD of samples of our work. If you are unhappy with this we can discuss this further.)

Please read the Terms and Conditions.

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