A few years ago I was forced to move from Adobe Premiere to Grass Valley’s Edius as my main video editing software. I say I was forced, not at gunpoint, but metaphorically I was. With deadlines looming for a few projects I found that Premiere just wouldn’t play ball with a lot of my Sony HD camera’s footage, and had to look at alternatives. Having tried Song Vegas and a few others I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded a trial copy of Edius and found that it didn’t crash once during my trial period. That was version 6.5. So I bought it. Good choice.

And then along came Edius 7 and now it’s latest update 8.2. I still love Premiere. It just doesn’t seem to love me 🙁 having just downloaded the 8.2 update yesterday my initial thoughts are that whilst cosmetically nothing has changed, a whole lot has opened up for me with 1 new feature – Primary Color Correction.  For me, I’d even call it a gamechanger as it did a remarkable job at making good a clip in a wedding I was editing that was seemingly unusable because it was shot in ultra  low light without external lighting. Using the Curves tool in it I was able to restore this clip. I’m sure that was not the primary reason Grass Valley created this feature but the more I use it the more I see clips coming to life.

I haven’t tried the motion tracking mask yet but it seems that Grass Valley has definitely stepped up its game as not just a functional broadcast tool but as a creative editing tool. They have more plans in the pipeline that will see more creative features. Can’t wait.