Photo of Alpha Video at the Funky Wedding Fayre September 2016So on Sunday I got to be a market trader at the latest Funky Wedding Fayre, this time outdoors in Newry Variety Market. Thankfully it wasn’t blowing a gale otherwise I think all my leaflets would have got distributed to all parts of Newry quicker than I could by hand 🙂 Had some great conversations with couples, met some old faces, bumped into a few couples that booked me at the last wedding fayre, and generally had a good time.

I also took the opportunity of the wedding fayre to launch a new feature – you can now get your wedding video on USB pen drive for playback on computer. It has a Menu and Chapter Selection like a DVD or Blu-ray disc. I’m also working on a version of the USB that will play on TVs with a remote control like a DVD player and even stream online with menu and chapters too. More about this at a later date.