Live Event Recording & Streaming

Why Do You Need to Hire a Video Production Company?

When you put on a conference or stage a live event you take a lot of time in preparation and planning to present your message or concept. So it is important that you have a quality recording system in place to allow your audience to be able to relax, switch off their rough phone recordings and be in the moment to concentrate on the event itself. Then they can relive the experience or take time to watch the presentation at their leisure.

We live in a very technologically advanced age and we are encouraged to do it all ourselves, but I know from experience the wisdom from a hard earned lesson of trying to do it all myself:

If I am doing someone else’s job, then who is doing mine??

You are skilled at presenting an event, I am skilled at recording and producing that event. You do what you are best at and I will do mine. I rest my case…


  • Conferences
  • Concerts and Live Music
  • Training Seminars
  • Sports Events

… and any situation where content is presented live and ‘in the moment’ which would otherwise be lost forever if it was not recorded!

Equipment Provided


    I can provide up to 4 High Definition cameras for your event. This provides a range of options for a combination of close up shots of speakers/performers, wide angle shots of a panel of interviewees, wider context ‘room’ shots and more.


    3 sets of wireless transmitters and receivers so that different people can be recorded.

    Audio Visual Recording

    Photo of customised recording unitI use a variety of recording devices to ensure that there are multiple back ups in case of equipment failure. All video and audio devices are fed into a central mixer, which takes all camera feeds and audio sources and records them to a high speed SSD drive. All video feeds are recorded in camera as well to SD cards for back up. An ATEM Mini Pro ISO video switcher can be used to record up to 4 video inputs. This could be live video feeds from the cameras or a combination of cameras and an output of a presentation from Powerpoint, Google Slides or other presentation software. Audio inputs are then mixed by an 8 track audio mixer and fed into the switcher. From this a new project is created in DaVinci Resolve, with all audio, video and slide presentations synchronised. The benefit of this approach is that post production time is shortened, as the event has been recorded in sync and different camera angles mixed live. All that is needed is a few tweaks to colour, sound levels or changing camera angles if necessary and the final video file(s) are ready for you.



    Live Streaming

      Live streaming is still alive and well, even as the Covid pandemic wanes! 

      The same equipment set up described above can be used to both record for high quality playback after the event, but also for streaming in High Definition to YouTube. 


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