Promotional Videos

Promotional videos, aka ‘Promos’, do exactly what it says on the tin – do you have something that you want to promote? We live in a very visual age and whilst you can read a review there’s nothing like seeing it in colour and hearing it. So what can you promote? Anything really:

  • A product or products – show people what it looks like; let them see it in operation
  • A concept or an idea – showcase a prototype for presentation to funders
  • An event – generate excitement and leave people wanting to know more

A common question these days is “So why should I pay to get a video? Anyone can do it on their phone these days”

Here’s 3 good reasons:



So to answer the question,

… the immediate answer is QUALITY.

We use professional quality cameras that are designed for video production that can record full High Definition video for hours, long after your phone has run out of space! We use multiple cameras for different angles, back up and for different effects. Audio quality is better using professional microphones, such as wireless lapel microphones to record a person speaking and so minimising background noise. We use a variety of professional equipment, such as tripods and stabilisers, to produce smooth images when needed or for effect.

2) You are making an INVESTMENT in your project, business or concept’s future.

We hired Alpha Video to do a short promotional video for an awards event. Alpha Video had a very short time scale to complete the project. I must admit they excelled. They arrived on the Friday to do the shoot & by Tuesday we had the finished product. The video was fantastic & with it’s help we won the award. I would highly recommend Alpha Video & will use them again.” Eamon Clarke, Alternative Heat, Castlewellan.


If you are a business, charity, community group, an individual or whatever looking to secure contracts, get a message across or

All videos are filmed in High Definition and can be output to DVD, Blu Ray, for the Internet or your company’s Intranet.

Please contact us if you’d like a quote.